Monday, May 31, 2010

Mini-Motard Racing in Vermont

Yesterday marked the return of the New England Mini Moto racing series to the shifter kart track in Graniteville VT. Since it was the Memorial Day weekend, a lot of the regular riders couldn't make the scene, but we still had a fair turnout.
This series is for XR100 type bikes and we'll be racing at several tracks this year. The kart track is a nice paved road course with a ramp added to keep it interesting.

Some of the bikes and riders. Those XR's are not stock. Check out the front ends.

This is me and my bike.

FTW represent!

This is the start of the Premier Class heat race. I ran out of battery, but you'll see a complete lap. There's a pretty good elevation change after the ramp, uphill to the 90 deg left, then down the back straight to a nice left hand bowl onto the front straight. Fun track.

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